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Workshop on

Study of Emission from Hot Diffuse Gas


December 27, 2006 to January 3, 2007

Venue: Christ College, Bangalore

Organised by

Raman Research Institute, Bangalore


Christ College, Bangalore

   Diffuse hot gas located in interstellar and intergalactic space produce large amounts of X-ray, ultraviolet and optical radiation. Notable examples include remnants of supernova explosions, ionised gas around young, massive stars, galactic outflows powered by stellar winds and gas falling into the deep gravitational potential of galaxy clusters. Multiwavelength studies can reveal the nature and source of this hot gas, the energy sources responsible for heating and the effect of such gas on its immediate neighbourhood. ASTROSAT is the first Indian astronomy satellite funded by the Indian Space Research Organization for launch in 2007-2008.  Five different instruments for ASTROSAT are being built jointly by a number of leading astronomy research institutions in India. Covering a wide range of energy from 1eV to 100 keV, these co-aligned instruments provide capability for simultaneous observations – a unique feature of ASTROSAT.
    The aim of this workshop is to familiarize M.Sc./Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers and other interested astronomers and physicists about Emission from Hot Diffuse Gas and the scientific issues that can be addressed with the ASTROSAT mission. There will be a series of lectures in the workshop, that will cover both the basics and advanced topics. Particular emphasis will be laid on possible observations of Hot Diffuse Gas with ASTROSAT.  Data analysis sessions where the participants will get a hands-on experience on various aspects of spectral and imaging analysis with data collected from various astronomy missions will also be organized.

    To participate in this workshop, please send your resume by post or email along with a covering letter to the address given below before November 15, 2006.  Ph.D. and M.Sc. students (with physics or engineering background) and young faculty members of universities and colleges interested in astrophysics are particularly encouraged to apply. They should arrange to send a recommendation letter from a University teacher or a recognized researcher along with their application. Participants who require travel support should mention the same in their applications. Outstation participants will be provided accommodation in Christ College. Faculty members of universities/colleges will have the opportunity to explore long-term collaborative research programmes on science with ASTROSAT, with potential funding from the Indian Space Research Organisation.

Topics to be covered in the workshop:                  

  • Heating and cooling processes in diffuse cosmic gas
  • Remnants of Supernovae and Gamma Ray Bursts
  • Hot, diffuse interstellar medium in our galaxy and external galaxies
  • Hot gas in groups and clusters of galaxies
  • Stellar winds, galactic outflows and feedback on massive star formation
  • Results from recent satellite missions - Chandra, XMM-Newton and Galex
  • Observing hot diffuse gas with ASTROSAT

Contact address:

Prof. K. A. Chandrasekharan
Department of Physics
Christ College
Hosur Road, Bangalore 560029

List of selected participants: Click here to see the list

Scientific Programme : Click here to see the scientific programme

Scientific Organising Committee:

Prof. Dipankar Bhattacharya, RRI, Bangalore, Convenor
Dr. P. Sreekumar, ISRO Satellite Centre and RRI, Bangalore
Prof. Jayant Murthy, IIA, Bangalore
Prof. K. A. Chandrasekharan, Christ College, Bangalore
Fr. Thomas T V, Vice-principal, Christ Junior College

Local Organising Committee:

Rev. Fr. Dr. Thomas C Mathew, principal, Christ College

1. Prof. K.A.Chandrasekharan, HOD, PG Dept of Physics, Christ College
2. Aditya K, Dept. of Physics, Christ Junior College
3. Dr. B. Paul, A & A Group, RRI

Rev. Fr. Dr. Jose C. C, Principal, Christ Junior College
Rev. Fr. Thomas T V, Vice-principal, Christ Junior College

Fr. Varghese, Finance Officer, Christ College.

1. K T Paul, UG Dept. of Physics, Christ College
2. S B Gudennavar, PG Dept. of Physics, Christ College
3. Manoj B, PG Dept. of Physics, Christ College
3. Arvindan K, Physics Dept., Christ Junior College
4. Reshmi, Physics Dept., Christ Junior College
5. Fr. Joseph Varghese, Department of Mathematics, Christ College

Previous workshops on ASTROSAT:

Sponsored by: Raman Research Institute, Bangalore and Christ College, Bangalore

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Any other information:

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