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Lecture Courses :
A. Fluids and Plasmas - Tarun Saini, Nishant K. Singh
B. Radiative Processes - S. Sridhar, Naveen Jingade
C. Compact Objects - Dipankar Bhattacharya, Sushan Konar
D. Accretion onto Compact Objects - Ranjeev Misra, Biswajit Paul, Tarun Saini
E. X-Ray Binaries - Dipankar Bhattacharya, Sudip Bhattacharyya, Biswajit Paul

Symposium : Talks
1. Polar accretion mound in accreting Neutron Star binaries - Dipankar Bhattacharya
2. Timing and spectral properties of neutron star low-mass X-ray binaries - Sudip Bhattacharyya
3. Compton Reflection and Complex Absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei - Gulab Dewangan
4. Stability of accretion disks - Ranjeev Misra
5. Broad-band spctroscopy of X-ray Pulsars - Sachindra Naik
6. What happens close to a black hole? - A. R. Rao
7. X-rays from Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables and ASTROSAT - K. P. Singh
8. Recurrent and variable bursts of IGR J17480-2446 in Terzan5 - Manoneeta Chakraborty
9. Effect of variability of XRBs on X-ray luminosity function of our Galaxy - Nazma Islam
10. Cyclotron resonance scattering features in accretion powered Pulsars - Chandreyee Maitra

Symposium : Posters
1. MAXI J1836-194 : a black hole candidate - Radhika D
2. Viscous accretion disks with shocks - Rajiv Kumar
3. Structure & stability of X-ray irradiated accretion disks - Bari Maqbool
4. Active galactic nuclei - Mainpal Rajan
5. Constraints on extragalactic background light - Krishna Kumar Singh
6. The black hole mass limit - Jithesh V

NOTE : Resource material provided by the course lecturers would be put up here as and when they become available.