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ASTROSAT Science Goals

ASTROSAT has a variety of science goals. In addition to simultaneous multiwavelength monitoring of variable sources, many other science programmes have been planned and new areas are being discussed. A glimpse of some of the key science involving various instruments may be found in the following:


Announcement of Opportunity         
Proposal opportunity for observing with ASTROSAT are being announced at regular intervals. Proposals are peer-reviwed and the final decision on time allocation is made by the Astrosat Time Allocation Committee (ATAC). The observing time will be divided in the following manner:
0-6 months: PV (Performance Verification)              6-12 months: GTO (Guaranteed Time Observation)

Year 2: AO (India) 35%                                                              GTO 50%
Year 3: AO (India) 45%                   AO (World) 10%                 GTO 30%
Year 4: AO (India) 65%                   AO (World) 20%

Reserved time: Canadian Space Agency 5%, University of Leicester 3%, Target Of Opportunity (for serendipitous sources) 5%, Calibration 2% throughout the mission

For details regarding Announcement of Opportuity, Proposal preparation and submission tools, Data archive access, Data analysis software and all other science related matters please visit the website of AstroSat Science Support Cell