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Frequently Asked Questions about ASTROSAT
We are in the process of compiling these questions. If you have a query, please send an e-mail to dipankar (at) iucaa (dot) in

Q: When was ASTROSAT launched? 
A: Astrosat was launched on 28 September 2015 at 10 AM Indian Standard Time.
Q: What would be the Mission life time? 
A: The projected Mission life time is five years. 
Q: Will there be an open observing opportunity? 
A: Yes, Announcement of open opportunity will be made after the first year of post-launch operation. 
Q: Will the data be available to the public? 
A: Yes, after an initial lock-in period of about a year the archival data will be available to anyone willing to use it. Appropriate software will be developed and distributed with the data. 
Q: What will be the sensitivity of the various instruments on board? 
A: A table of sensitivities and other instrument parameters is available here.